Frames is Co-Directed and animated by Martin Thoburn and Matti Adoma.

Martin Thoburn
is a pluralist artist working in a variety of different media.  With a background in Graphic Design and Animation and Digital Media, Martin has produced and directed several short films, both animated and live action.  Determined not to be confined to any one medium, Martin continually explores photography, live video mixing, design, collage, animation and motion graphics.

Martin’s Website: www.martin-thoburn.com

Matti Adoma is a creative thinker. He has studied animation in Estonian Academy of Arts. He is a partner and director in a successful creative practice called loom. He believes that a strong concept contains a strong idea and timeless visual. At the moment Matti is starting a creative practice as a platform to bring together the best in their fields to work on cultural, commercial and self-initiated projects to change the world for the better.

Matti’s Website:  www.loomcreativepractice.com

You can email both filmmakers by writing to: filmmakers (at) frames-film.info


Other Contributors to FRAMES:

Music and Sound Design by Steve Dannemiller
Website: www.dannemiller-sound.info

Audio Mastering by Adam Hunt
Website: www.adamehunt.com