Matti directing Vikram in the alley behind The Michigan Theater in Ann Arbor, MI


Martin looking into the Canon 5D that we used to shoot almost all the live action scenes in the film.


Martin trying to demonstrate to Chris how to behave like a gorilla.


Joesph and Martin posing for the camera after a bloody shoot!


A dramatic scene with Erik in a warehouse eating an apple.


I was having so much fun in the production that I decided to jump on my way back to the car.


This is still from the opening animated scene that was shot using pixilation techniques.  The laptop is connected to a Nikon D40x running Dragon Stop Motion.


Closeup shot of all the paper pieces for Matti’s cutout character.


The photo frame sequence was shot from a bird’s eye view to make the animation process easier.


This is a screen shot of the entire After Effects project flow chart.  Frames was almost entirely edited and processed in After Effects with a few scenes done in Final Cut Pro.

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    I love your work!

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