Frames is Co-Directed and animated by Martin Thoburn and Matti Adoma.  Produced on a shoestring budget, and filmed using the directors friends, Frames is the results of one very busy summer.  The film was shot and animated entirety in Michigan USA, while the concept was developed in Germany and Estonia.

Frames is an International Co-Production that resulted out of an Animation Exchange Forum sponsored by the Filmfest Dresden and the in 2009.  We received an artists Sponsorship Award by the DEFA Foundation for the project concept.  One year later the film was completed in November 2010.   Since then Frames has been screened at many film festivals around the world.  Today the film is available for the public online under the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike creative commons license.

Animation Techniques:
Frames is a mixed media animation using pixilation, stop motion animation, green screen compositing, paper cutout, and live action video.  The film was shot with a variety of different cameras including the Canon 5D mark II for most of the live action.  The Nikon D40x was used for still capture and stop motion animation while a small Panasonic DMC-ZS3 was used for a few extra shots.  Dragon Stop Motion was used to capture the frames for animation and After Effects was used to put the entire film together.

Film Stills:

Film Credits:
Created and Animated by: Martin Thoburn & Matti Adoma
Cinematography by: Matti Adoma & Martin Thoburn
Video Editing and Visual Effects: Martin Thoburn
Music and Sound Design: Steve Dannemiller & Martin Thoburn
Extra Camera Work, and Audio Mastering: Adam E. Hunt

Matti Adoma
Erik Strong
Chris Sandon
Martin Thoburn
Joseph Tyler
Mary Liu
Vikram Babu